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Professional gold & jewellery purchasing service in Glasgow:

Almost all of us have some old, unloved gold jewellery or gold antiques cluttering up a drawer or jewellery box in our home, and we're never certain what to do with it - why not sell it for a little extra spending money?


Arcade Gold Exchange offers a good price for second-hand gold, silver and diamond jewellery. Bring old jewellery, broken chains, single earrings, and rings that don't fit and obtain an excellent price and instant cash.

• Secondhand or broken jewellery

• Antiques such as medals

• Old rings (wedding, engagement etc)

• Wrist & pocket watches

• Gold ingots, coins & pendants

• Brooches & lockets

• Krugerrands

Much, much more

Just come to Arcade Gold Exchange, and exchange your jewellery for cash today. We offer highly competitive prices and honest, free and instant valuations, every time.


If you've any questions in urgent need of answers, please visit our FAQs page, or get in touch today.

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Come to our shop for an instant quote. We do not charge you anything to value your unwanted gold. You can be confident that you will receive a good value for the gold or jewellery you are selling us.


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